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Midday Doggie Social:
While you work, so does you dog!

Tired Dog = Good Dog
Dogs thrive in a pack. A regularly socialized dog is a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog. For some dogs, specially the youngsters, a regular midday dog walk is just enough excersice. You still come home to a bouncing off the walls pup? Or maybe you worry that your dog is bored sitting around the house all day.
If your dog is destructive when left alone, either to self or property, there's a good chance he or she is not getting enough exercise.

You don't have to get another dog to give your dog a pack.

A safer alternative than public dog parks.
Anyone who has spent enough time with their dog at a public dog park knows that eventually a dog shows up that's a trouble maker. By the time you know it, it's too late. And after the wounds have healed, a simple attack can lead to life long psychological damage for the victim.
Our private exclusive playground is facilitated to optimize doggie play and social experience, in the safety of a spacious fenced yard. And troublemakers are not invited.
Each candidate must pass a one-time comfort test before regular attendance will be recommended. We prefer you bring your dog for the first introduction so you can meet the group and see the fun. However, if that is not an option we can arrange the introduction.
If your dog is shy with other dogs but never aggressive, regular attendance often builds confidence and self-esteem. Testimonials are available upon request.
We cannot allow antisocial dogs in the playgroup. At this time we do not offer socialization training, although we can refer you to a qualified professional.


While you're away:
House call pet and home care

For your pup - Tell us your usual routine and we'll keep it going until you return. Walks, meals, treats, fresh water, vitamins, medications and any other special needs.

For your kitty - Fresh food, water, litter box, lap time, play time, brushing and any other special needs.

For your home - We'll bring in the mail, newspaper and alternate lights helping to keep your home more secure while you're away.